Research Interests:  Social history, jewelry, ancient dress, identity, materialism, burials


Ph.D. 1999. Bryn Mawr College, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Dissertation: Enotia: The Contexts of Greek Earrings, 10th-3rd C. BC

American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Associate Member (1995-1997)

American Academy at Rome, Summer Program in Archaeology (1997)

American Numismatic Society, Summer Seminar (1996)

M.A. 1994. Bryn Mawr College, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

M.A. courses, The George Washington University (1989-1991)

B.A. 1989. George Mason University, Department of History

Academic Positions

Associate Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Department of Classics 2010-present

Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Department of Classics, 2004-2010

Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College, Department of Classics, 2000-2004

Research Associate, Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art, 1999-2000

Adjunct Assistant Professor, The George Washington University, Department of History, 1999


In prep, Jewelry in Greece and Etruria (900-200 BCE): A Social History

In prep, “Bejeweled vases: perceiving jewelry on Attic vases”

Macedonian lionesses: a new paradigm for female jewelry use (c. 325-275 BC) Journal of Greek Archaeology 2 (2017) 235-256

Surface tensions on Greek and Etruscan gold jewelry, in M. Cifarelli and L. Gawlinski, eds, “What Shall I Say of Clothes?” Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Study of Dress in Antiquity: 83-100 (AIA Publications, 2017)

Etruscan jewelry and identity, in S. Bell and A. Carpino, eds. The Blackwell Companion to the Etruscans: 275-292 (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)

“Children’s Jewelry in the Ancient World” Jewellery History Today 19 (Winter): 3-4 2014

Etruscan horseshoe earrings: a native jewelry typeMitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Römische Abteilung 116: 159-204 (2010)

Late Classical representations of jewelry: identifying costume trends in Etrusco-Italic art, Etruscan Studies 13 (2010): 31-48

“Jewelry,” in M. Gagarin and E. Fantham, eds. Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. 2010, vol. 4: 120-122 (Oxford University Press)

An Early Hellenistic jewelry hoard from Poggio Colla (Vicchio di Mugello),” Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 54 (2009) 245-262

Archaic Greek earrings: an interim survey,” Archäologischer Anzeiger 2008: 1-34

“Grave garb: Archaic and Classical Macedonian funerary costume,” in C. Colburn and M. Heyn, eds., Reading a Dynamic Canvas: Adornment in the Ancient Mediterranean World: 115-145 (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008)

“Protecting Athena’s children: amulets in Classical Athens.” C. C. Mattusch, A.A. Donohue and A. Brauer, eds. Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science, and Humanities. Acta of the XVIth International Congress of Classical Archaeology 2003: 625-627

“A Bejeweled Siren from Memphis,” Abstract AJA 106: 268-269 2002

“Trappings of Gold: Thracian Equine Ornaments of the Fourth and Third Centuries B.C.” 2000 Abstract AJA 104: 341-342


At Franklin & Marshall College (2000-present)

History of Ancient Greece; History of Ancient Rome; Between the Rivers: History of Mesopotamia

Ancient Law & Order; Race and Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean (2018)

Intermediate Greek Prose

Seminars: Alexander the Great; Ancient Spectacles; Caesars’ Wives: Women in Imperial Rome

Greek Art & Archaeology; Roman Art & Archaeology

General Education Courses — Feasting: Culture, Community, and Society; Bringing Up Bodies: The Material Culture of Death

At The George Washington University (1999)

History of Ancient Greece; History of Ancient Rome; History of Mesopotamia and the Near East

For The Teaching Company (2006)

Between the Rivers: The History of Mesopotamia

Professional Conferences

Seeing Jewelry in Classical and Hellenistic Vase-Painting, Archaeological Institute of  America Annual Meeting, Boston (2018)

The Meaning of Adornment: Jewelry on Classical and Hellenistic Vases, Greek Vases as Medium of Communication, International Symposium, Vienna (2017)

Male Ornaments In East and West, Material Connections and Cultural Exchange – The Case of Etruria and Anatolia, International Workshop, Rome (2016)

Surface Tensions on Greek and Etruscan Jewelry, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, San Francisco (2015)

The Agency of Gold: Women’s Use of Jewelry in Greece, Arachne VII: Women, Power and Agency in Antiquity, Tampere, Finland (2014)

Court Jewelry in Fourth-century B.C. Macedonia, Rethinking Ancient Jewellery, Leiden (2014)

Etruscan Jewelry and Identity, Invited colloquium participant: “New Approaches and Insights on Etruscan Art and Culture,” Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Seattle (2013)

Reconsidering Girls’ Jewelry: The Archaeological Evidence from Late Classical and    Hellenistic Greece, Mädchen im Altertum/Girls in Antiquity, Berlin DAI (2010)

Gilding the Lily: Animals and Gold in Persian and Hellenistic Jewelry, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Anaheim (2010)

Grave Garb: Jewelry in Macedonian Burial Rituals, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Montreal (2006)

Contexts of Luxury: Etruscan Gold at Poggio Colla, European Archaeological Association Annual Meeting, Cork (2005)

Co-organizer, Joint AIA/APA Panel, Didaskalos: Representations of the Teacher in the Ancient World. APA/AIA Annual Meeting, San Francisco (2004)

Babies’ Baubles: Children’s Jewelry in Ancient Greece, XVIth International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Boston (2003)

A Bejeweled Siren from Memphis, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Philadelphia (2002)

Trappings of Gold: Thracian Equine Ornaments of the Fourth and Third Centuries B.C.,    Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Dallas (1999)

Jewelry in Sixth-century Greece: Reality and Image, College Art Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles (1999)

Invited Talks

Why Gold? A Panel Discussion, Bard Graduate Center 2019

Looking at Lionesses: Macedonian Courts and Jewelry, Bard Graduate Center 2018

Jewelry as Women’s Wealth in Greece and Etruria, Campbell Art History Lecture, 2018 University of Akron

More Than Glitter: Jewelry in Ancient Greece and Italy, Archaeological Institute of America, 2017-18. National Lecturer

The Princess Bride: Wedding and Jewelry in Classical Greece, Virginia Tech University 2016

Jewelry in the Ancient Mediterranean 2012 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

All That Glitters: Jewelry and Identity in the Mediterranean 2011 University of Pennsylvania, Classics Colloquium

Gertrude Bell and the Iraq Museum 2007 Houston Chapter, Archaeological Institute of America

Palaces, Priests, and Potters: The History of Ancient Mesopotamia 2007 Camden County Community College

New Perspectives on Alexander the Great 2007 Army War College, Carlisle, PA

Macedonia before Alexander the Great: History and Archaeology at Vergina 2003 Rutgers University, Classics Department Colloquium

Recovering Wealth in Ancient Greece Classics Colloquium, Bryn Mawr College 2001

Professional Consultation

Consulting Scholar, Art of Ancient World (jewelry installation), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 2012


Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award 2020

Most Influential Professor (Humanities), Franklin & Marshall College       2003, 2005, 2007 

Hackman Student Research Award 2002, 2004, 2014. Franklin & Marshall College

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jane and Morgan Whitney Art History Fellowship 2002 (Declined)

Whiting Doctoral Fellowship. Bryn Mawr College 1997-1998

Summer Study Fellowship. American Academy in Rome 1997

Samuel H. Kress Fellow. American School of Classical Studies at Athens 1996-1997

Academic Service

Department Chair 2019-

Provost Search Committee 2019

Posse Mentor, NYC 2017-2019

Fair Practices Committee, Chair 2017-2018

Fellowships Committee 2017-2018

Secretary of the Faculty (elected position) 2013-2016

Booth Ferris Faculty Mentor 2014-2016

Strategic Positioning Steering Committee 2010-2011

Budget Priorities Committee (elected position) 2010-2011

Faculty/Professional Staff Dining Room Task Force 2010-2011

Faculty Campaign Advisory Committee 2009-2010 

Department Chair 2009-2010

Education Policy Committee (elected position) 2008-2009

Director, Clemente Course in the Humanities 2005-2007

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