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I am an Associate Professor of Classics at Franklin & Marshall College, where I have taught since 2000. I teach Greek and Roman history and intermediate Greek at F&M. Additionally, I offer topics courses such as Ancient Law & Order and Race and Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean (2018).  I also teach a course called Bringing Up Bodies, which explores the material culture of death.

In my research, I examine the material culture of adornment in Greece and Etruria. I am interested in how jewelry, as part of a person’s dress, can communicate social identities. My manuscript in progress, Greek and Etruscan Jewelry (900-200 BCE): A Social History, considers jewelry from the perspective of those who wore it and viewers who saw it. The book is organized by life stage, to show that regardless of economic status, males and females could wear jewelry from the cradle to the grave.

I am a national AIA lecturer and have had the great pleasure to speak to lively local society audiences in Philadelphia, Kansas City, Toledo, Nashville, and Oxford, MS.

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